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      Kehai Biochemistry Co., Ltd not only owns the self-support rights to import and export but also deploys e-commerce actively. In recent years, its international business grows rapidly and the sales channels continue to broaden, establishes business relations with customers from Europe, America, South Korea, Australia, Japan and Taiwan, etc. Our company is famous for its high integrity and has established long-term stable cooperation with world famous chemical company, such as BASF and DOW, which are members of world top 500 companies. The company has its own professional quality engineer team, establishes excellent quality control system, and makes full use of statistical quality control to improve product quality and service quality. We can not only provide you both high quality products and technical supports, but also seek high quality products at home. What’s more, we have a professional transportation and logistics team to ensure timely delivery, our after sale service system also will provide you satisfactory services.

      With the development of market economy, Kehai Biochemistry Co., Ltd expands trade of various biochemical products, its products range covers itaconic acid seris products and gluconic acid series prosucts, establishes its own import and export company. On the basis of original fermentation advantage, the company has developed into a biochemical high-tech industry with more matured fermentation techniques. At the same time, our company has excellent reserve of talents and advanced equipments for stronger biochemical technique researching and developing capability. Depending on strong scientific and technological capabilities, excellent product quality and nice distribution network, Kehai is going to develop into world famous biochemical company.

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